Sep 212013


Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to review the book, it’s very much appreciated. As a result of your feedback I’ve issued a new revision which will hopefully address some of the things raised:

  1. Formatting: When I first published it I was under the impression that the Kindle convert process put it into the appropriate format for all the different Kindle devices … it doesn’t! Bugger! As a result it looked fine on some of the devices but was complete rubbish on others. I’ve tried to find a format that fits all … maybe. Apologies to those people who had to suffer a poor look and feel.
  2. Typos: Even though 5 people independently proofed the thing, a couple of typos still made it into the final version. I’ve tracked down everything I can and fixed them.
  3. Grammar: Apologies, my grammar is rubbish. I’ve been through it with nit-comb and done what I can to improve the grammar. This will hopefully make it a better read.
  4. Plot: I’ve added a couple of paragraphs of back-story to help with the plot. These aren’t significant but they may remove some of the “What?” factor.

If anyone has any issues then please drop me a mail at


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